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Parsival we plieFranklinstein Plato's Closet
Political Subject considers the moral roles available for the good ally, the good leftist comrade, and the good poet doing the “good and necessary” work of poeting their way into the revolution at the frayed edge of the Capitalocene. The spare, bone-dry poems are concerned with language’s utility, querying its potential to exercise any real resistance to its already co-opted status within late capitalism, where identity is merely demographic and monetized, and where political solidarity can be a “shoreline or / shipwreck.”
Lonely Christopher explores questions of identity, ethics, and power through the machinations of textuality in this bold new collection that updates formalist and conceptual practices to provide a searing, comical, provocative, and ultimately humanist critique of how we use and abuse language to form and enforce culture. Christopher presents bizarre and perverse takes on political rhetoric, Freudian psychoanalysis, religious texts, sexuality, English grammar, opera, children’s television, figurativism, epistles, modernist architecture, and more, purposing beguiling processes to take lusty stabs at entrenched forms of representation.
In her provocatively innovative and innovatively provocative collection, Echolocation, Evelyn Reilly sounds out a techno-saturated world that perhaps we already occupy. She refuses easy answers or evaluations: animals are processed into food in brutal ways and the boundaries of person- and species-hood are expanded and exploded, while new forms of life and collectivity emerge.
Disaster and delight collide in this quick-witted collection, How to Flit. Distorted advertisements, headlines, and familiar expressions pepper the pages, as the poems endlessly calculate—“In fifty years the export market for tomorrow’s revels imagine!” Maxims (“Consolation helps those in trouble, if speaker is trustworthy”) are quickly converted into commodity (“(t-shirt idea)”), while basic needs are left unmet, bodies left untended.


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