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(((...))) by Maxwell Clark wrestles with what can be made “out of nonsense” in a collection that is as strange as it is stunning. Clark’s poetic language resists the confines of coherence—at times, steeped in emotion that exceeds referential meaning, even crying out, “woah, man” or presenting a visual array of punctuation or letters without words.
The Reciprocal Translation Project showcases the work of twelve leading innovators in poetry, six writing in English and six in Chinese. These poets combine many methods of translation to open up new possibilities for trans-cultural literature. Each poem is first literally translated by a bilingual translator and then poetically translated by three poets of the other language.
There is no other book quite like Marie Buck’s Goodnight, Marie, May God Have Mercy on Your Soul. Its tight economy of language and demotic vocabulary imply an almost diaristic simplicity. Any normality you might expect is interrupted and overwritten by recurring images of fantasy, transfiguration, and violence.
Before the financial collapse thrust Detroit into the limelight, there were kids in the city making up dance routines, listening to the radio, and navigating the rugged terrain of racism, poverty, and sexism. Detroit Detroit is Anna Vitale’s timely debut about the city that raised her, a city that is impossible to sum up and hard not to love.


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