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by Anne Tardos

Roof Books is proud to announce the publication of Anne Tardos' Both Poems (there are really two of them, one philosphical & one algorithmic). Tardos’ philosophical series "Pronounce" argues that the poet can have a more practical engagement with the world while retaining a distance from the consequences of her involvement. Where else would the poet refreshingly "straighten" her back after a conversation with herself? The series “Nine 1-63” treats the reader to the first poet biographies constrained by "Nine words per line and nine lines per stanza." "Lucretius saw the universe as something having a nature." The power of these poems is innate like a nature.

What a joyful and intricate exhibit of the love of language, here in Both Poems. After I Am You, nothing would work but both. Learn what metaphors aren’t and how autobiographies can be and not be.
- Bernadette Mayer

112 pages
ISBN: 978-1-931824-43-9
Publication date: October 2011


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