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by Ron Silliman

". . . a body of writing, that may be the most significant in Americanpoetry since the modernists."
- Hank Lazer

"He lives the most passionate life of the mind in America!He is a political poet par excellence. . . . Silliman is a poet I read tobreak through into new halls and colonnades of verbal richness that,before, I simply didn't know were sealed up behind these walls and deadends in the palace of art. His work must be studied, lived with. Itspleasures cannot be simply lapped up off its surfaces. But they are thesubtler, sharper, and more resonant for the time they take to taste."
- Samuel R. Delany

"Silliman has developed a shorthand method of getting it all down. Thereis something incredibly moving about his capacity and capability, hiswill and willfulness-his hunger to know and absorb-as he rants, records,juxtaposes, declares, riffs, puns, pans. . ."
- Tom Beckett

107 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-56-8
Publication date: January 1994


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by Ron Silliman

Originally appearing in 1977 and now in its 11th printing, this classic collection of essays by one of the sharpest minds in American contemporary poetic thought remains Roof's best seller to date. It is a collection with rich insight into Silliman's own monumental poetical work and the writing of his peers, a book which both illuminates the concerns of the era in which it was written and radiates outward with a tremendous scope that continues to bear fruit for the contemporary reader

."Ron Silliman is a terrific prose critic...positively bristles with intellectual and political energy of a very high order."
- Bruce Boone, Soup

"In Ron Silliman's important talk on 'The New Sentence, ' Grammar has become...prosody.'"
- Barbara Einzig, American Book Review

"Silliman's...most enduring influences appear to be the projectivist poets, on the one hand, and the abstract poetics of Stein, Russian Formalism, and Louis Zukofsky on the other.... Silliman offers a grand example of the crisis in verse."
- Stephen Fredman, Poet's Prose

"Almost a third of the anthology The L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Book... is devoted to... ' Writing and Politics'.... The critique is leftist... The ongoing political analysis is multifaceted, of course, though of these writers Silliman appears to be the most articulate... "
- Lee Bartlett, Critical Inquiry

"Silliman is one of our most important poets..."
- Joel Lewis, PoetryProject Newsletter

214 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-20-9
Publication date: September 1987


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The Age of Huts THE AGE OF HUTS
by Ron Silliman

"Ron is a great poet: His varied sensuous language reflects and questions itself. What emerges, finally, is a restless deeply perceiving consciousness."
- Kathy Acker

"Silliman offers a grand example of the crisis in verse."
- Stephen Freidman

"One of the most brilliant of the younger poets working."
- Eureka Review

150 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-22-3
Publication date: September 1986

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