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by Lytle Shaw

If you think a blurb is an imploded sonnet, rendered crepe-like and set to the breathless metrics of string theory for the denizens of Flatland, then you will like this book. Still guessing? That’s the point: no graphs. When Phil Rizzuto takes on Henry James because of the "stickler logic" of his "Dude Looks Like The Portrait of a Lady" and O’Hara wrestles with the boys from Korn, you have a right to be scared, very scared. But you recognize this place, just like you recognize the world of Bogart and Bacall in the neon erasures of Japanese anime’s "wit strip" subtitles. Oprah would hate it: too many whales with polka dot tales. I reply: Shaw’s subtle grotesqueries make high/low mean present tense: anthems for misfits. Rarely does the project of reference lead you to so many disparate corners of the universe, from Aerosmith (strictly eight track) to Aeropagitica ("director’s cut") and back before lunch.

"...Lytle Shaw has carried out often disruptive, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes melancholy explorations into the processes through which the world gets made into an object of knowledge. But what is the lobe of the book's title? A lobe is a roundish projection, a part of something to which it is attached by the very fissure that also creates it. A lobby could serve as an architectural example, its fissures the walls, doors, stairs, and elevators which connect it to the rest of the building. But not all lobes are material. Knowledge-creates lobes of a sort (hence the interest in Diderot). More precisely, it is about the fissures that form the known, the fissures that form knowers and that leave them (us) dangling in the wind"
- Lyn Hejinian.

79 pages
ISBN: 978-1-931824-02-6
Publication date: March 2002


Order from Small Press Distribution

by Lytle Shaw, Ed.

Nineteen Lines is an exceptional collection of poetry and prose from The Drawing Center's noted Line Reading series. This 336-page volume was edited by the Line Reading series curator, Lytle Shaw, and features the work of:

Ammiel Alcalay, John Ashbery, Charles Bernstein, Anselm Berrigan, Christian Bök, Régis Bonvicino, Lee Ann Brown, João Cabral de Melo Neto, Jeff Clark, Tina Darragh, Alan Davies, Kevin Davies, Tim Davis, Jean Day, Adam DeGraff, Jeff Derksen, Buck Downs, Johanna Drucker, Marcella Durand, Kenward Elmslie, Dan Farrell, Rob Fitterman, Ben Friedlander, Renee Gladman, Kenny Goldsmith, Nada Gordon & Gary Sullivan, Carla Harryman, Lyn Hejinian, Susan Howe, Erica Hunt, Alison Knowles, David Larsen, Rachel Levitsky, Tan Lin, Jackson Mac Low, Bill Luoma, Ben Marcus, Bernadette Mayer, Emily McVarish, Ange Mlinko, Jennifer Moxley, Eileen Myles, Maureen Owen, Tom Raworth, Lisa Robertson, Rod Smith, Juliana Spahr, Brian Kim Stefans, Lynne Tillman, Edwin Torres, Cecilia Vicuña, Lewis Warsh, Barrett Watten, Marjorie Welish, and Kevin Young.

333 pages
ISBN: 978-1-931824-25-5
Publication date: November 2007


Order from Small Press Distribution

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