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by Laura Moriarty

"Laura Moriarty's Rondeaux, is a beautiful and complex collection of writings. They seem to emerge out of one of many situations, but as if they were locations in a person's life. These situations were once narrative or are about to be so. but because of the erotic and pensive writng, the events, or the monuments in which they occur, have stopped. But consideration and implication continue, a real recollection of writings. This wonderful book suggests that not all experience must disperse."
- Lyn Hejinian

"In Rondeaux Laura Moriarty expands the scope of her poetry. I'm especially impressed by her ability to write throughly contemporary disjunctive-conjunctive poems and obliquely echo tradiotnal personal lyrics and other verse forms, notably, the epononymous 'rondeaux,' whose endings recall their beginnings without repeating them, and the "baroque" process."
- Jackson Mac Low

107 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-39-1
Publication date: April 1990


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