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by P. Inman

"Criss cross is a tour of the process of navigating the realms of experimentation, witness, and critique, an invitation to participatory poetic locution. You, as reader, are given the gift of transience."
- Diane Ward

"By fully semanticizing the so-called nonsemantic features of language, Inman creates a dialectic of the recuperable & the unreclaimable, where what cannot be claimed is nonetheless most manifest."
- Charles Bernstein

"Inman's work is as unsettling and resistant to habitual comprehension as the ambiguous figure and similarly raises questions about the nature of perception. Like Beckett, Inman challenges his reader/audience. . .to consider what is fundamental, presence or absence."
- Joan Retallack

"The type of experimentation characterizing his work. . .situates him within the tradition of zaum, the 'transrational' poetry of the Russian futurists Khlebnikov and Kruchenyk, and constitutes one of the most radical examples of the utopianization of language today...."
- Estban Pujals Gesali

"[Inman's] poetry lies in how this language becomes known--in the contemplative strategies it proposes--and in what it becomes known as. Inman's poetry an emblem of poetry, of how it sets on a page, the page in a book, how a book opens, before one's eyes and in the mind--and how the mind in relation to its knowns becomes material."
- Ben Friedlander

69 pages
Publication date:September 1994


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by P. Inman

"Inman reaquaints us with a full blown sensual apprehension of language-a luxury we can't or don't permit ourselves when semantics predominates... It is Inman's pleasure to explore the warp and woof of the fabric of our linguistic intentions with all the meticulous humor words such as warp and woof evoke. Here the substantiating quality of the talisman, if nothing else, tranforms our perceptions."
- Joan Retallack, Parnassus

"Peter Inman has been one of the few American poets who has helped to bring the "transtational" poetics of the Russian Futurists into American poetry. In its fractures, stuttering starts and stops, collisions of meaning and sound, and glossalia, Inman's poetry is at once intensely private and extensively public. The poems of P. Inman contain a language that is spoken by no one, yet everyday, in our repetitions and confusions, and in our daily usage of the private languages of home, love, and office, we will speak forever."
- Douglas Messerli

60 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-28-5
Publication date: September 1988


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$3.99 - Kindle Edition
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