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Durer in the Window DÜRER IN THE WINDOW
by Barbara Guest

Dürer in the Window: Reflexions on Art is a selection from the world-renowned poet’s writing on visual art of the past 50 years. About the same time Barbara Guest and the other major poets of the time began the New York School of Poetry, Guest also began to write reviews of the better known artists for Art News and other periodicals. She has continued her writing on art throughout her distinguished career in poems, essays, and occasional pieces, addressing such painters and sculptors as Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Goodenough, Louise Bourgeois, June Felter and Grace Hartigan. Dürer in the Window: Reflexions on Art promises to provide the reader with an historical and enjoyable view into a lifetime of art writing by this gifted American poet.The artist Richard Tuttle has designed for Roof Books an 80-page full-color book to compliment Guest’s writing. Included in Tuttle’s design are the paintings and sculptures described in Guest’s poetry and essays as well as the world-class design inimical to Tuttle’s own work as an artist. Dürer in the Window is a true collaboration between Guest and Tuttle resulting in a unique picture of the art-world that book collectors, readers of poetry, and libraries will be pleased to own.

80 pages
ISBN: 978-1-931824-04-0
Publication date: March 2003


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