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by Judith Goldman

In Judith Goldman's intriguing [collectionof poetry] Vocoder, "we are promisicuous with force, there are no rules."

"Judith Goldman's Vocoder is new perspective, a new time in Stein's sense that a time is articulated differently in each generation, that is perspective of the way time's seen."
- Leslie Scalapino.

"Judith Goldman's book makes me very uncomfortable. She is so angry and she sets up so many barriers-brackets, slashes, cross-outs and the like-that she makes reading as complicated a proposition as locating the "ethical good" in a corrupt political climate. She restores two visions at once: the avant-garde's insistance that poetic form be politically motivated and not just "fun", and the conviction that freedom is possible "only" when we admit that we are not free."
- Jennifer Moxley

93 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-89-6
Publication date:April 2001


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