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by Michael Gizzi

"Continental Harmony takes us out into the street. Where we mayhear anything. And all at once. It is the moment when Ives' twomarching bands meet. Language both down to earth and way off theground, a 'natural trance' pitching us across centuries andcontinents in a 'talking dictionary howl.' It will take yourbreath away. It will make you laugh. It will make you think about'the way language uses us.'"
- Rosmarie Waldrop

"Reading this book cuts me a new stump. One I never hoped I'd need.But true lingo just hits like that. Mind without lodge. Or a treewith no garage? These days solace comes in hunches. And shame hasno style. So jump on and watch these works grow beyond yourfreedom."
- Clark Coolidge

86 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-41-4
Publication date: September 1991


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