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Rob the Plagiarist ROB THE PLAGAIRIST
by Robert Fitterman

"Jaques le fataliste. Jack the Modernist. From Denis Diderot to Robert Glück, Fitterman carries on a long tradition of fabricated autobiography, genuinely confessional fiction, and full-out appropriation. But as we know from Jack Torrance, who typed an entire manuscript of the one repeated, plagiarized line: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. With Fitterman, a plagairist extraordinaire, we have all the play and all the work together in some of the smartest and sharpest textual interventions yet. From a jacquard bathrobe to Jacques Rancière, Jackson Mac Low to a jackhammer, here are the textual hijacks that let you know you've been rob(bed)."
- Craig Dworkin

107 pages
ISBN: 978-1-931824-33-0
Publication date: April 2009


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