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would with and WOULD WITH AND
by Cathy Eisenhower

Cathy Eisenhower's premonitions are rife with elliptical magic & profound intelligence "as a day is, repeatedly lifted." would with and ignites my love for poetry & makes me want to make more of it: “think (that) you speak along the tongue telling nothing.”
— Carol Mirakove

How write when everything’s a mystery? Existence? It’s weird stuff. Other people? Forget about it. Your quote self unquote. Good luck with that. We’re left with flashes of clarity and long bouts of illegibility, often mistaking one for the other. Within this conundrum Cathy Eisenhower’s would with and knows time. The knowing is an intuitive movement—that movement creates the duration which is the experience, the art—its frame a reference lost with found each moment in these “things made of talk” “locking love to gone”. All, & the specifics: “flying from tree / to previous tree.”
— Rod Smith

Cathy Eisenhower’s shifting field of sonic and cognitive recombination can brain you like a chemical experiment. But the poems of would with and also open onto the fragile, rich, messy, interstitial world of mortality and touch. Pick them up. Make them happy.
—Elizabeth Willis

120 pages
ISBN: 978-1-931824-38-X
Publication date: November 2009


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