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Active 24 Hours ACTIVE 24 HOURS
by Alan Davies

Two bodies. The surety of...gone. Wanderers.perfectly sold season. Reading speech thoughts to sleep anger, snap. Let heat be penetrate. The thinking posse, the sleep pose. The few arrows of entreaty are horizontal and viscous. Opposites repel and attract, equals, repel, attract. Allow hand settling tribute, sllit. This dichotomous queue angles, blur one night. Flasking the gunnery in this armament of pacts.

- from Active 24 Hours

100 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-11-7
Publication date: 1982

$14.95 - Paperback
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by Alan Davies

Rave collects three erotic works of poetry and fiction by Alan Davies: Split Thighs is the long and legendary poem published in 1975 in a limited xerox edition that circulated underground. Written mostly in a jazz club in Boston's Combat Zone, its fervid short lines force jazz back into the voice. Vitalsis a short novel, porn reduced to its essentials. Isherwood Novel, a short story with a stylistic nod to the author with whom the title flirts, breathes life into the harbor of any city.

61 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-55-1
Publication date: September 1994


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by Alan Davies

"One reads Alan Davies' critical work as one reads Wittgenstein. Isit poetry or is it prose? Often one simply will not make thedistinction, for the writing is distinguished as much by itsintellectual intensity as by its purity of style. And the acts ofintelligence are at all times incarnated as stylistic acts." - Jerome J. McGann

"All criticism, if it is to get beyond the quibbling positioning ofmost expository writing, must aspire to fiction. The only truearguments are the ones we cannot make, and in making createuniverses we can begin to inhabit. In Signage, Alan Daviessingularly fulfills such possibilities for writing. His prose ofdesire gives forth." - Charles Bernstein

"Structure neither acts, nor is it an active, nor does it receive. It is a delicate stubborn effect produced under the permanence ofthe relations. It is not related; it stands.How does it mean? Structure exerts power, which it cannot withdraw. Structure has no poles, no extremes, no ends. Its balance is heldbetween its side.

I, a private and concrete individual, hate structures, and if I reveal Form in my way, it is in order to defend myself." - from SIGNAGE

184 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-24-7
Publication date: September 1987


Order from Small Press Distribution

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