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byMiles Champion

"Miles Champion uses just the necessary words, and puts them in interesting places: definitely hard to film. Three Bell Zero is a kamikaze book which will ring in infamy (Burt Lancaster plays the asterisk); a wrecker's lantern in a lyric storm."
- Tom Raworth

"Miles Champion's Three Bell Zero is sensual and "cellular" making middle grounds, not focusing on oneself, but rather being a "viewy owl"--or "a trayid" that's "before psychology". There are some large scenes --in one lovely one, an "extremely miniature beige stoop" is in a middle."
- Leslie Scalapino

"Are all peers--lopsided hope"? Where's the whispering campaign? When we ask about a younger generation of adventurous poets in England--is anybodynegotiating the more radical possibilities stirring in recent decades--Miles Champion is one of the very, very few names always popping up. Happily, Roof Books gives readers enough bulk and detail here to show him crisscross some personalized territory all his own. Three Bell Zero puts attractively varied flesh on the positive buzz. "
- Bruce Andrews

68 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-82-7
Publication date: June 2000


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