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Future, Former, Fugitive FUTURE, FORMER, FUGITIVE
by Olivier Cadiot

Future, Former, Fugitive by Olivier Cadiot extends Roof’s line of translations with the latest work of the leading light among France’s younger poets. Cadiot’s post-modern Robinson Crusoe skewers even the most well guarded crack-pots and high-society riff-raff. With wit and insight, Future, Former, Fugitive is a kind of play, kind of poem, kind of diatribe against whatever ails you.

A shipwreck. A desert island. A Robinson. And the fragile line between memory and invention. A child’s game. A bird guide. And step-by-step instructions for becoming a saint. In short, all you need to survive. This is a survivor’s tale, complete with the doubt and derision that always greets such unusual cases.

" Shh! Don’t tell! Robinson Crusoe [or dead ringer] meets Comedy Française [division of poetry] in Cole Swensen’s effervescent [“that’s it exactly it”] translation of Olivier [don’t make me s...s...s...say it again] Cadiot’s witty [remove emoticon from bracket] and majestic [don’t take my word for it], yet stark future, former, fugitive. Find out what Paris already knows but holds tight to its tongue [best on bagatelle]: poetry is not safe with Cadiot at large. [Sound of verse molting, airs somersaulting, cascades of laughter, copious tears.] [Sustained applause]."
- Charles Bernstein

"Something or other of no doubt witty and incisive observation with various timely additions of tell-tale verbiage guaranteed to illuminate the entire text for the world at large and amuse them at the same time. And probably just about this length, if things turn out as they usually do."
- Norma Cole

159 pages
ISBN: 978-1-931824-09-5
Publication date: March 2003


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