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by Nicole Brossard

Translated by Barbara Godard

Roof's publication in 1990 of the first English language edition, translated by Barbara Godard, of Nicole Brossard's Picture Theory was a monumental achievement in recent publishing history and solidified our continuing commitment to present the best that Canadian avant-garde and experimental writing has to offer. By her lucid, subversive and innovative work on language. Brossard has influenced a whole generation on the questions of post-modern and feminist writing.

Picture Theory portrays "a no-holds-barred battle between writing and the desire to make meaning which is decided by the victory of writing."
- Spiral

"Brossard's daring playfulness launches its assault on traditional forms and values... an erotic theory in which the ground of meaning continually shifts as the body orients itself to its own desires."
- Village Voice

From Picture Theory (Perspective):

"I know that the amorous scene has already been viewed and consumed in several of its strategies, I know that, I know that, repeated, it determines the opening and the vanishing point of all affirmation."

188 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-40-7
Publication date: September 1990

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