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by Charles Bernstein

"In the poems of Controlling Interests Bernstein continually reveals his desire for the concomitance of the individual and the world, of all language and experience . This book is one of the most original and imaginative in American lyric verse"
- Douglas Messerli

"Bernstein presents the reader with a world in which the articulation of an individual language is all but prevented by the official discourses that bombard the consciousness from all sides . He [is] on to something important"
- Marjorie Perloff

"It is writing of absolute necessity, demanding not to be appreciated, but understood"
- Ron Silliman

78 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-03-2
Publication date: September 1980


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by Charles Bernstein

In Islets/Irritations Bernstein relentlessly explores the nature of...language, comprehension, communication...This is serious writing that demands close reading.

Islets/Irritations...seems more a field of possibilities than a book of poems, a language whose vocabulary ranges from a technical jargon to TV GUIDE synopses to truncated letters addressed to former co-workers...Few writers ever achieve as rich a combination of image and statement as Bernstein does. It is a dazzling kaleidoscope...
- Steve Roberts, Poetics Journal

101 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-47-6
Publication date: September 1983


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The Politics of Poetic Form THE POLITICS OF POETIC FORM
by Charles Bernstein, Ed.

"The First World examines our historical(hysterical) moment with the liberated coherence of a Brecht or Rabelais. Perelman's demolition of inscribed cultured myths repersents a celebratory reawakening of language to its larger conseqences. Its implicit question is, are we to be plutal and particular, or are we to sit in rows taking dictation."
- Michael Palmer

246 pages
ISBN: 978-0-937804-35-3
Publication date: January 1986


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by Charles Bernstein & Susan Bee

"absolute sense of discohesion-"but I want to see you"-as if to discourage me. a number of alternatives hoist themselves forward. "deep stuff": no I would just as soon not."

- from The Occurence of Tune.

ISBN-10: 937804088
Publication date: September 1981

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